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29 Free Marketing, Management, Video, and Editing Tools Available On the Web

Deciding where to invest what minuscule available time one has on social media, editing, and business tracking tools and can be challenging. With hundreds of tools out there, the process of trying to decide what tool is best for what task is daunting and hard to...
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The 7 Things You Should Be Doing — And Thinking, As A Freelance Model

By now as a freelance model, you’ve most likely heard stories of girls making 4-12K a month traveling the country being a freelance model. I was one of those girls, for a while, and I was good at what I did to where I was able to pull myself from being...
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Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing For Advanced Model Marketing

At some point a model gets to a point where they realize that there’s a lot of marketing and business strategy when it comes to modeling, gaining a fan base, and expanding your career. Sure there’s the basics of not airing your dirty laundry out on the, hey we all...
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Monthly – Free Superheroine Movie

Wonder Woman Superheroine Shrink & Fight Free Monthly Video Subscribe to My YouTube Channel Subscribe...
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Model Marketing – Instagram

There’s a Science To Boobiez Did you know that your beautiful boobies are not just the envy of the interwebs and every man’s fantasy? They are actually a product. Yes, that is right, you’re boobies are a product. What better way to market that...
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Maintaining Motivation For A New Career Path While Working At A Job You Hate

You know you want to be a successful in another career path, but stardom isn’t happening fast enough to pay your bills or feed that cat, so you must work at a job you don’t really love. Maintaining your motivation and drive during your transition from a job that makes...
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